Current special exhibition | September 4, 2014 to January 11, 2015


The works created by Ulrich Moskopp (*1961) comprise a wide range of groups of works united by a common fundamental objective: the merging of light and body through conceptual art in the guise of subjective painting. The exhibition at the Museum of Lacquer Art is dedicated exclusively to Moskopp’s dammar pictures, which owe their special effect to the use of the tropical dammar resin. As Moskopp discovered, this material makes possible images that cannot be achieved with any other substance and visualizes spaces that are otherwise imperceptible. During painting, the paint flows ever so slowly, ultimately reaching a standstill and drying with a high-gloss finish. The finish generates singularly impressive spatial phenomena by guiding the light in an array of refractions into the depths. An exhibition catalogue is available at the museum shop for €18.