Nowadays, too, artists devote themselves to lacquer art, a craft characterized by patience and accuracy. Among them are a few artists worldwide who turn to a natural raw material from East Asia called urushi, a resinous tree sap that is extracted from the lacquer tree. 

It is the aim of the Museum of Lacquer Art to place a special emphasis on individual aspects of traditional and contemporary lacquer art through its special exhibitions. Within this scope, the museum continues to provide contemporary artists with a platform to present their work.

The most recent special exhibition, Urushi. Japanlack als Werkstoff europäischer Künstler (Japanese Lacquer as a Material for European Artists), May 6 to August 12, 2012, was dedicated to the work of six European artists. For more details, see the links below:

Websites of contemporary lacquer artists 

  Salome Lippuner

  Heri Gahbler – Urushi-Lackkunst

  Man­fred Schmid – Urushi

  Olga Aloy

  LAC: Laqueurs Associés pour la Création

  Martine Rey

  Ogura, Norihiko

  Johann Nußbächer