Current special exhibition | March 23 to July 27, 2014

Ikeda Iwao. Bamboo and lacquer

Ikeda Iwao (*1940) is an artist who lends his objects new forms and functions. The way he plays with the traditions of Japanese art, particularly of the culture of the Japanese tea ceremony, is free and easy. The materials he uses – bamboo and lacquer – represent both the spirituality and master craftsmanship of Japanese artisanry. He exhibited his first bamboo work at the early age of 13. Since then, Ikeda, renowned as a lacquer artist in his home country of Japan, has created a wide range of works. These include tea utensils, vases and sculptural figures that he manufactures from bamboo that is up to 200 years old. The aesthetics of the material and the exquisite workmanship point to the ideals of the tea ceremony. At the same time, however, they reveal Ikeda’s imaginative and free approach to dealing with the venerable tradition.

  Impressions of Ikeda Iwao